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Concours fleurir son mariage
Spécial fleurs - CT24 CD $59

CT24 - CD $59
Yellow fudji, Orange daisies, Orange sunflower, Red alstros, Red hypericum
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - CT02 CD $49

CT02 - CD $49
Pumpkin with red carnation, orange rose, yellow pinocchio, small apple and hypericum.
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - AN04 CD $184

AN04 - CD $184
Floral Arrangement
In a container Green Anthuriums, Proteas, Sunflowers, Orange Roses, Orange Gerberas, Exotic Foliage.
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - AN26 CD $64

AN26 - CD $64
Floral Arrangement
Soup Bowl
Red roses, Orange and red alstros, Yellow Sunflower, Orange gerbera - Bowl may vary.
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - AN09 CD $91

AN09 - CD $91
Floral Arrangement
Red roses, Orange Alstromeria, White Lily, Sunflowers, Carnations, Limoniums and greens.
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - CT04 CD $49

CT04 - CD $49
Pumpkin with red carnation, yellow daisy, small apple and hypericum.
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - AN06 CD $90

AN06 - CD $90
Floral Arrangement
Heliconia, Red ginger, Orange roses, Yellow daisies, Orange carnations, Yellow sunflower
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - FE01 CD $54

FE01 - CD $54
Floral Arrangement
Orange lilies, Yellow rose, Yellow daisies, Orange gerbera
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - FE51 CD $77

FE51 - CD $77
Flower Basket
Orange carnations, Orange daisies, Carthamus, Orange gerberas, Purple asters, Cattails, Basket
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - CV17 CD $59

CV17 - CD $59
Floral Arrangement
Ina basket red roses, chrysanthemums, Alstros, orange lily and greens.(model may vary).
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - SPA03 CD $63

SPA03 - CD $63
Floral Arrangement
Orange alstros, Yellow fudji, Orange sunflower, Orange Lily, and greens.
Free delivery
for online order
Spécial fleurs - SPA05 CD $82

SPA05 - CD $82
Floral Arrangement

Yellow daisies, Orange gerberas, Yellow and red alstros, Solidago, Basket
Free delivery
for online order

Atelier Floral Suzanne Savard is a Laval and Montreal local topflorist and floral designer.

Flower delivery in Laval for the following sectors:

  • Flower delivery Auteuil, Laval
  • Flower delivery Chomedey, Laval
  • Flower delivery Duvernay, Laval
  • Flower delivery Fabreville, Laval
  • Flower delivery Laval-des-Rapides (Laval des Rapides), Laval
  • Flower delivery Laval Ouest, Laval
  • Flower delivery Laval-sur-le-Lac (Laval sur le Lac), Laval
  • Flower delivery Pont-Viau, Laval
  • Flower delivery Ste-Dorothee (Sainte-Dorothee), Laval
  • Flower delivery St-François (Saint-François), Laval
  • Flower delivery Ste-Rose (Sainte-Rose), Laval
  • Flower delivery St-Vincent-de-Paul (Saint-Vincent de Paul), Laval
  • Flower delivery Vimont, Laval
  • Florist Auteuil, Laval
  • Florist Chomedey, Laval
  • Florist Duvernay, Laval
  • Florist Fabreville, Laval
  • Florist Laval-des-Rapides (Laval des Rapides), Laval
  • Florist Laval Ouest, Laval
  • Florist Laval-sur-le-Lac (Laval sur le Lac), Laval
  • Florist Pont-Viau, Laval
  • Florist Ste-Dorothee (Sainte-Dorothee), Laval
  • Florist St-François (Saint-François), Laval
  • Florist Ste-Rose (Sainte-Rose), Laval
  • Florist St-Vincent-de-Paul (Saint-Vincent de Paul), Laval
  • Florist Vimont, Laval

Flower delivery in Montréal for the following sectors:

  • Flower delivery Downtown (Down-town), Montreal
  • Flower delivery Old Montreal, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Cotes-des-Neiges, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Notre-Dame-de-Grace (NDG), Montreal
  • Flower delivery Outremont, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Ahuntsic, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Villeray, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Nuns Island, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Pointe aux Trembles, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Riviere des prairies, Montreal
  • Flower delivery St-Michel, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Cote-Saint-Luc, Montreal
  • Flower delivery St-Lawrence (Saint-Lawrence), Montreal
  • Flower delivery Lachine, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Lasalle, Montreal
  • Flower delivery Verdun, Montreal
  • Flower delivery St-Leonard (Saint-Leonard), Montreal
  • Flower delivery Anjou (Ville d'Anjou), Montreal
  • Flower delivery Cartierville, Montreal
  • Florist Downtown (Down-town), Montreal
  • Florist Old Montreal, Montreal
  • Florist Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal
  • Florist Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montreal
  • Florist Cotes-des-Neiges, Montreal
  • Florist Notre-Dame-de-Grace (NDG), Montreal
  • Florist Outremont, Montreal
  • Florist Ahuntsic, Montreal
  • Florist Villeray, Montreal
  • Florist Nuns Island, Montreal
  • Florist Pointe aux Trembles, Montreal
  • Florist Riviere des prairies, Montreal
  • Florist St-Michel, Montreal
  • Florist Cote-Saint-Luc, Montreal
  • Florist St-Lawrence (Saint-Lawrence), Montreal
  • Florist Lachine, Montreal
  • Florist Lasalle, Montreal
  • Florist Verdun, Montreal
  • Florist St-Leonard (Saint-Leonard), Montreal
  • Florist Anjou (Ville d'Anjou), Montreal
  • Florist Cartierville, Montreal

Flower delivery in Montreal island for the following cities:

  • Flower delivery Beaconsfield
  • Flower delivery Pointe-Claire
  • Flower delivery Cote Saint-Luc
  • Flower delivery Roxboro
  • Flower delivery Dollard-des-Ormeaux
  • Flower delivery Pierrefonds
  • Flower delivery Ste-Geneviève (Sainte-Geneviève)
  • Flower delivery Dorval
  • Flower delivery Hampstead
  • Flower delivery Kirkland
  • Flower delivery Dorval
  • Flower delivery Montreal-East
  • Flower delivery Montreal-Wesr
  • Flower delivery Mont-Royal
  • Flower delivery Senneville
  • Flower delivery Westmount.
  • Florist Beaconsfield
  • Florist Pointe-Claire
  • Florist Cote Saint-Luc
  • Florist Roxboro
  • Florist Dollard-des-Ormeaux
  • Florist Pierrefonds
  • Florist Ste-Geneviève (Sainte-Geneviève)
  • Florist Dorval
  • Florist Hampstead
  • Florist Kirkland
  • Florist Dorval
  • Florist Montreal-East
  • Florist Montreal-Wesr
  • Florist Mont-Royal
  • Florist Senneville
  • Florist Westmount.

Flower delivery in  Montreal North-Shore for the following cities:

  • Flower delivery Blainville
  • Flower delivery Lachenais
  • Flower delivery Charlemagne
  • Flower delivery Bois-des-Filion
  • Flower delivery Boisbriand
  • Flower delivery Deux-Montagnes
  • Flower delivery Lorraine
  • Flower delivery Mirabel
  • Flower delivery Pointe-Calumet
  • Flower delivery Rosemere,
  • Flower delivery Saint-Eustache (St-Eustache)
  • Flower delivery Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-lac
  • Flower delivery Sainte-Therese (Ste-Therese)
  • Flower delivery Mascouche
  • Flower delivery Repentigny
  • Flower delivery Terrebonne.
  • Florist Blainville
  • Florist Lachenais
  • Florist Charlemagne
  • Florist Bois-des-Filion
  • Florist Boisbriand
  • Florist Deux-Montagnes
  • Florist Lorraine
  • Florist Mirabel
  • Florist Pointe-Calumet
  • Florist Rosemere,
  • Florist Saint-Eustache (St-Eustache)
  • Florist Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-lac
  • Florist Sainte-Therese (Ste-Therese)
  • Florist Mascouche
  • Florist Repentigny
  • Florist Terrebonne.

Flower delivery in Montreal South-Shore for the following cities:

  • Flower delivery Longueuil
  • Flower delivery Brossard
  • Flower delivery Boucherville
  • Flower delivery Saint-Lambert (St-Lambert)
  • Flower delivery Chateauguay
  • Flower delivery Saint-Constant.
  • Florist Longueuil
  • Florist Brossard
  • Florist Boucherville
  • Florist Saint-Lambert (St-Lambert)
  • Florist Chateauguay
  • Florist Saint-Constant.


Atelier floral Suzanne Savard is also a wedding florist offering flowers designed for bridal bouquets, alters, hair flowers, corsage, flower girls, centerpeieces and floral arrangements for wedding chapels.

Atelier floral Suzanne Savardis a florist who specializes in sending funeral flowers and sympathy arrangements to Great Montreal area funeral homes:

  • Magnus Poirier
  • Urgel Bourgie
  • J.J. Cardinal
  • Complexe Funéraire Guay
  • Groupe Yves Légaré
  • Alfred Dallaire
  • Kane Fetterly
  • Aaron Maison Funéraire
  • Goyer Ltée
  • Rideau Funeral Home
  • Complexe Funéraire Mont-Royal
  • Centre Funéraire Côte-des-Neiges
  • Complexe Funéraire Fortin

Atelier Floral Suzanne Savard delivers beautiful get well flowers to all Montreal and suburban hospitals including:

  • Cité de la Santé (Cite de la Sante)
  • Jewish rehabilitation hospital
  • Jean-Talon
  • Santa Cabrini
  • Sacre-Coeur
  • Saint-Luc
  • Hotel-Dieu
  • Notre-Dame
  • Maisonneuve-Rosemont
  • Sainte-Justine
  • Saint-Mary’s Hospital
  • Jewish General Hospital
  • Pierre-Boucher
  • Montreal Neurological Hospital
  • Shriners Hospitals for Children
  • McGill University Health Centre
  • Marie-Clarac
  • Sainte-Jeanne-d’Arc